16 Macbook Pro First Impressions

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The most interesting thing about this laptop is that it’s replacing the 15 inch macbook pro it’s not going alongside the 15 inches and then the other sizes this is the new biggest macbook pro and its slotting in at the same starting price that the 15 inch macbook pro did but with some obvious and market improvements so these are my first impressions of those improvements so the design first of all as you can see is pretty much exactly the same footprint as a 15 inch macbook pro same for USB type-c ports but its 0.77 millimetres thicker and a quarter of a pound heavier its 4.3 pounds same space grey but it now comes with space grey stickers now so that adds to the total confusion about which Apple devices come with which stickers but the main difference now of course as you can tell by the name is the new 16 inch display really is just modernizing the look of the laptop by pushing out the display from 15 inches to 16 inches and that’s a bigger canvas for everything you already do on the laptop that gives you a new resolution of 3072 by 1920 so that’s the same pixel density of 226 PPI same brightness 500 nits same p3 color gamut but just imagines basically pushing more of that display outward to shrink the bezel and give you more screen real estate.

        The biggest major change and I love that now with this bigger display if you take a look at Apple’s site you may also notice there’s somehow claiming 11 hours so an extra hour of battery life so if you’re wondering how they did that it’s because the extra tiny bit of thickness combined with improved battery chemistry allowed them to fit a new hundred watt hour battery in the 16 inches MacBook Pro fun fact and some of you fellow video makers may know this 100 watt hour is the largest physical capacity lithium-ion battery you’re allowed to get on a plane with in the United States per the TSA so they kind of maxed that out and I’m pretty sure there are other laptops with hundred watt hour batteries but that doesn’t mean they can’t keep improving the battery they can still do things like improve the chemistry and density to make it smaller and lighter but that is a pretty good point for the MacBook Pro to also improve battery life I kind of like this new Apple trend of doing better with battery in 2019 that’s the biggest battery they could fit in the MacBook Pro it’ll also come with a more powerful 96 watt USB type-c charger and that charger is also in the same footprint as the previous generation so then there is the keyboard so this is one of the sticking points of the last MacBook Pro that butterfly mechanism didn’t do so hot there are some new things with this keyboard and by new things I mean also kind of old things so they’re going back to this scissor mechanism for the switches from the years of like the 2015 MacBook Pro they’re more reliable they’re more clicky they have a little bit more travel.

         It’s almost as if going back in time is actually kind of an upgrade here but it’s not exactly the same as previous generations it’s really kind of a hybrid in-between it’s still low travel about one millimeter of travel but it’s more stable than butterfly keys where they’re calling it the new magic keyboard so very Apple there’s also now a dedicated Escape key which pros were asking for and just normal people like me too because the escape button on the touch bar froze so much that it was almost useless so thank God that’s back and there’s also now a bespoke separate touch ID unlock sensor and it’s a physically clicking button as well to turn on and off the computer and then performance is also a bump up so you might recall that was also kind of an issue last year you might remember the thermal throttling issues with the i9 MacBook Pro this is also improved there are Intel ninth Gen 6 core and eight core CPUs again in this laptop and new fans and a new internal layout will improve air flow by 28% and here are the new specs still current gen stuff as you can tell and you might notice it goes up to 8 terabytes of internal storage now and up to 64 gigs of ram so definitely gonna have to do some testing to see if this new spec can do the heavy lifting that I require for my mobile video workflow but we’ll see also a little nugget of news today alongside this new MacBook Pro is the new Mac Pro is officially coming out in just number at some point alongside the pro display XDR and that will also support up to 8 terabytes of internal storage nice then there’s also some smaller things that they’ve changed with this refresh the speaker system there’s a new 6 speaker speaker system and the speakers in the MacBook Pro have been from what I’ve experienced top-of-the-line in a laptop for a while now so I shouldn’t really be too surprised by this but these speakers are really good like I said it’s a new system with redesigned subwoofers that are now physically connected to each other so that they cancel out the force that they would have applied to the chassis so they don’t rattle as much they’re called forced canceling again doesn’t matter what it’s called but they are good stuff.

        So yeah like I said best speakers in a laptop around right now and they also included what they call a studio quality microphone and they call it that because the new hardware of the microphone array has a much-improved signal-to-noise ratio but I’ll let you be the judge of it how does it sound honestly I think it sounds pretty good not necessarily as good as they made it sound like I could record a podcast with this but nevertheless I’m happy to see audio improvements and this is pretty great this is awesome for video calls and quick casual videos like this I would have liked to have seen a video improvement with the webcam too but they didn’t do that either way that’s pretty much it you can tell by the length of the video it’s a pretty small refresh there’s not a whole ton going on it’s still the same you know design same huge trackpad same ports but it’s more of a refresh on a better ideal 2019 MacBook Pro so I will say because this is my first impressions and it’s not my full review yet I’ve got a lot of laptops to review right now but this is my new favorite MacBook Pro mostly because of the design and the display this is a laptop I’m most likely to carry to edit with but what I would actually love to see now is a 14 inch MacBook Pro in the same footprint as the current 13 inch MacBook Pro so update that 13 inch with new specs but also slim down the bezels and sort of modernize that too that would be sick that would be my favorite

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