How to remove background noise premiere pro

The following is remove background noise premiere pro. Adobe Premiere has a DeNoiser Effect that can do that for you. It’s actually super easy to do and you only have to do 2 simple things to the audio.

I'm not an audio expert, and this is just a quick tip that I use to quickly and easily fix my audio.

In the recent version, Adobe Premiere Pro introduces a variable Effect panel, one of the essential sound panels in premiere pro. you’ve got window- essential sound panels.


The essential sound panel in Premiere Pro is where you’ll edit all of your audio tracks. This panel gives you access to various filters, mixing techniques, and simple controls to adjust levels and effects.

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How to remove background noise premiere pro

Remove background noise premiere pro dependent which tricks you apply, there are numerous tricks. in this section, talk about simple and fast remove background noise premiere pro tricks. you can adjust them quickly and let your ear determine when you’ve achieved the level of background noise reduction you desire.

Open your project click “Window” and then click “Effects” to display the Effects window if it’s not open. Click “Window” followed by “Effect Controls” to open the Effect Controls window if you can’t see it. This window displays controls that help you customize an effect.

Click the video clips ( that have background noise) and then go to effect type “Denoise” effect to apply (drag and drop or Double-click) it to the clips you selected.

Click the “Edit” button next to “Custom Setup” to open a pop-up window that contains a “Reduction” knob and an “Offset” knob. The Reduction Bar helps you choose a value between 0 and -20 dB. The lower the value, the more noise Premiere removes. Its initial value is 0.

Click and slide the “Reduction” bar to the left so that its value reads “-10.0dB.” play the Preview and listen to the video’s audio track. You’ll hear less noise because the DeNoiser effect reduced it by the amount you selected.

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