How to import presets into lightroom cc and lightroom mobile

This tutorial will teach you How to import presets into Lightroom, Here is a quick guide on how to install Lightroom Presets on desktop computers (Mac or Windows) and Lightroom mobile.

Lightroom presets basically come with pre-applied settings XMP format. The process for import presets into lightroom is different for Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom Mobile. Follow the instructions which suit the program you are using.

How to import presets into lightroom mobile

Below you will find import presets into lightroom mobile installation instructions free Lightroom Mobile app for Android and Apple iOS.

Install presets into lightroom mobile

  1. Download the Zip file (Now you have all of your XMP files inside your zip )
  2. Open the Lightroom application on your phone and select an image from your library and press to open it.
  3. Slide the toolbar to the bottom to the right and press the “Presets” tab. Press the three dots to open the menu and select “Import Presets
  4. Navigate to the folder on your phone where you downloaded the ZIP file and open and select the presets or import all presets
  5. Now presets will now be imported and will be available under a new group

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How to import presets into lightroom cc classic

Import presets into lightroom cc classic find two different method are there one was manually import one by one other one is bulk import to folder. There are actually 2 versions of Lightroom for desktop – Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. I personally use Lightroom Classic CC so I will show you how to transfer presets to your phone through it.

Install presets into lightroom cc classic

  1. Extract the ZIP file presets that you downloaded From (
  2. Open the Lightroom Classic, go to File > Import Photos & Videos
  3. Now import some photos and select any of the imported photos
  4. Select the Develop Module on the top right of the screen, on the left side, click on the (+) under the Presets tab and select “Import Presets”
  5. Navigate to the folder You downloaded after extracted select .xmp presets and import the presets
  6. All of the presets will now be listed in the Presets panel

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