Moody dark Premiere Lut, Moody dark Lut’s free download

Moody dark Premiere Lut quickly creates stylized looks for color grading. These Premiere Pro Luts work on mobile videos they will be more effective on professional video cameras or DSLR cameras.

Every video is a different white balance, exposure, Shadows, etc. ensure your White Balance is correct before applying a LUT, adjustments are recommended to reach an excellent result.

Color grading LUTs designed to create beautiful, Cinematic film tones for your photos & videos. In many instances, you will be able to get a great result in an instant.

Moody dark Premiere Lut

you’ve experienced premiere pro only allows you to import One Luts at a time on the Basic Correction section or the Creative section of the Lumetri Color Panel. In this guide, you will find how you Import multiple LUTs to a desktop computer.

Import multiple LUTs

  1. Download the zip file from the link given below.
  2. Extract the zip file using “WINZIP”“WINRAR” or any other software you have.
  3. Copy all extracted cube files and go to the location where you installed premiere pro.
  4. Go to the Lumetri folder.
  5. Find the Creative folder.
  6. Paste All luts to the creative folder.
  7. Open Premiere Pro.
  8. Open Lumetri color.
  9. Select footage, Go to creative tab, Select the Look Drop-Down menu. Click on browse.
  10. Select the lut and you are done!

How to use

  • First enable your Vectorscope YUV, Waveform (RGB) and Parade (RGB)
  • Adjust your white balance and exposure based on your histogram
  • Apply any of our 5 Cinematic Luts to your footage and adjust the percentage intensity of the Lut
  • Re-adjust exposure, shadows, mid-tones and highlights and apply secondary color grading if needed

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