Why Adobe Photoshop Google Nik collection Highly Recommended Photoshop plugin

Why-Adobe-Photoshop-Google-Nik collection-Highly-Recommended Photoshop-plugin

Why Adobe Photoshop Google Nik collection Recommended Photoshop, The hundreds of dollars, the Google Nik collection is now a free collection of plugins. With it, you have access to retro filters, HDR effects, color enhancement, and correction, noise reduction, sharpening of images, and more. This package allows you to edit your images using some high-quality software and when you download it from Google, it’s all for free.

  • Analog Efex Pro: Allows you to explore the classic look of analog cameras, film stock, and lenses.
  • Color Efex Pro: A collection of filters for color correction, retouching, and effects.
  • Define: Allows you to process your image with noise reduction.
  • Sharpener Pro: Sharpening tool that allows you to bring out the hidden details of your pictures.
  • HDR Efex Pro: Process your images and turn them into artistic HDR photos.
  • Viveza: Allows you to adjust the tone and color of the image without the use of masking or selection.
  • Silver Efex Pro: Turn your photos into stunning black and white images with darkroom-inspired controls.

Benefit Adobe Photoshop Google Nik collection

You may wonder why such an enormous asset is free. Google says that they concentrate on the editing tools for mobile images. So, the price drop doesn’t mean any decline in quality. If you paid $500 when it was first released, you get all the same features that you had. You get, for example, the
Filter to Silver Efex Pro. This filter uses darkroom inspired controls to turn your image into a black and white photograph. Analog Efex Pro gives your images the same look that a classic analog camera would give them. For Google Nik collection there are plenty of other filters to explore.

Nik Set is one of the most popular plugins in the design sector in Adobe Photoshop. The Collection consists of seven awesome plugins from Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop that each function independently.
Better still, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Google Nik collection lived an earlier life as an expensive $500 software program for professional photo processing before Google took over and made it available for free.

Ironically enough, the Google Nik collection changed hands once more in 2020. Google decided to drop Google Nik collection, which was then purchased by DxO which decided to resume its growth. The new home business Google Nik collection plans to release a new collection by mid-2020.
Meanwhile, here’s a peek at what’s included in this particular Adobe Photoshop plugin set now:

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